MRCFL: Why Take The Plunge?

Our goal is to educate, inspire and empower through excellent teaching by experienced, committed, highly qualified staff and a comprehensive student welfare system that supports learners throughout their studies.

Languages are essential to live (with) and work in a global community. Our language courses at MR are an excellent way to learn a new language or to improve on already existing language skills. They are essential to increase one’s multi-cultural awareness: one cannot learn a language without exploring new cultures.

Languages are of paramount importance to stand out from the crowd in the job market. At MR, we take our students’ employability seriously; and languages help to open many doors, across the globe.

DSC_0219Lessons are:

  • Taught by qualified native speaking teachers
  • Taught in the target language
  • Taught in small groups
  • Dynamic, fun and focused on communication
  • Available for different languages and levels
  • Individually designed
  • Aimed at encouraging and motivating students to develop new language skills
  • Include diverse teaching materials and activities such as songs, videos and news

Going Global With Languages

The boundaries in the world are becoming thinner as more and more people as well as organizations are taking the leap to communicate, interact and bond with the other parts of the world. In such a globally competitive and dynamic environment, it becomes imperative for businesses as well as individuals to acquire the knowledge of foreign languages and exposure to cross cultural norms.

The environment today is constantly evolving. In such an environment, knowledge of the national language of countries where business is located not only provides an edge over others but also helps in understanding the world in a much broader and mature way.

Through our commitment to teaching and acknowledgement that as people we operate in increasingly dynamic and international environment, we aim to deliver linguistic and cultural sensitivities and awareness to gain the communicative skills necessary to become a global citizen. Thorough interactive sessions prepare the student in such a way that they become ‘industry ready’ and competent to take up challenges in the dynamic work environment. This gives them an edge to face the world, preparing them to make their own mark and become capable to nurture the society by their new innovative ideas.

The courses are planned as a complete entity, but the vast majority of our courses continue term after term, year after year, offering progression and the opportunity for language proficiency.

All our courses aim to develop all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).