From The Desk

gauri bhasinIt gives me immense pleasure to introduce MRCFL (Manav Rachna Center of Foreign Languages). A long and arduous journey has ensured that we have made it to the very first stepping stone while on the path of a pan-cultural linguistic set-up. For as long as memory can trace, language has been the medium of not just human thought, but the very core that defines our behavior. It is that prized link which brings places closer and people together.

Keeping the motto of cultural connectivity in mind, MRCFL is alighting under the reputed roof of MREI. Our focus languages being French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese; we are geared to take on the increasingly blurring geographical boundaries of nations and nationalities. We have spanned the cultural zenith of Europe and upcoming relevance of the Third World because we firmly believe that eventually Globalization is all espousing accessibility.

The courses are planned as a complete entity, but the vast majority of our courses continue term after term, year after year, offering progression and the opportunity for language proficiency. We endeavour to fashion world citizens who will understand the transience of physical boundaries and grapple with the very real challenge of linguistic acquisition.

While we develop all four linguistic components (speaking, listening, reading and writing), the focus is largely on developing interest in hitherto unexplored capabilities that one possesses. We dream of taking your inhibitions away. We will train you in the art of self-actualization. Join us; the opportunities at MRCFL are endless. It’s a limitless universe of unbridled achievements.

Your future awaits you.

Best Wishes
Gauri Bhasin
Head – Career Development Centre &
Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages